Get Your Money Faster with a BAMS Merchant Account

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The one thing better than getting money is getting it faster. It used to be that with merchant accounts, getting your transaction money in the bank in 24 hours was considered fast. After all, there are still a few companies out there that take 3 days! Now, however, even 24 hours is slow. That’s because it’s possible to have the money in your account in just 12 hours.

More Business Flexibility


This is the main practical benefit of a 12-hour turnaround from transaction to funding. Transactions done in the morning can fund your inventory orders or pay your other bills that same night. This is great for just-in-time business models or for unexpected, urgent expenses.

Most of the time, however, the desire for faster payouts doesn’t arise from a specific plan. Instead, people inherently understand that they’re better off when there is less delay in funding. Then, when the time comes that money is needed right away, it’s there. It’s also always nicer to see your money in your bank account instead of pending on a merchant account screen.

Regardless of your reason for wanting faster payment settlement, our 12-hour funding merchant account has you covered. We also offer many other benefits with our accounts, like a free gateway and lower fees. This makes switching to a BAMS account a great business decision all around.

To eliminate the long wait for funding and cut your overall payment processing costs, just contact us today. We’ll be happy to get you set up with a superior merchant account right away.

Next Day Funding: A 12-Hour Transaction Payment Time Isn’t Just a Dream

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Waiting 24 to 48 hours for your merchant transactions to hit your bank account may not seem like a big deal when you first open a business. After all, a regular job would make you wait a week or two before you get paid. Soon, though, you will find that financial needs are different when you’re the owner of the company. Now, you have to have the financial flexibility to be able to pay for emergency needs right away or else start losing money.

Sudden cash needs arise from many different situations in business. If something breaks down, for example, customers may stay away until it is fixed. Therefore, you’ll want to be able to call a repair service immediately instead of waiting a day or two.

Another common scenario is an unexpected run on inventory. If you sell out of something, the next customers who want that item will leave disappointed and empty-handed. It makes sense to call your supplier for a restock as soon as you see that the item is running out so that your shelves don’t end up with a bare slot. This is easy to do if you have cash on hand, but if you have to wait two days for your merchant account to fund you, you’re out of luck.

Speed Up the Funding of Your Bank Account with Next Day Funding

To gain the financial flexibility you need in order to respond to these and other such situations in a timely way, you need a merchant account that will fund your bank account quickly. Here at BAMS, we’ll get your transaction money to you in just 12 hours! Next day funding! As you know, that can make the difference between whether or not you can successfully deal with unexpected events.

To learn more about next day funding and our merchant processing options, just contact us. We’ll be happy to work with you.


Should You Choose the Lowest-Priced Merchant Services?

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One of the hardest decisions to make as a merchant is which payment processing service to use. Most have arcane fee structures that make it hard to tell exactly what you’ll pay. There’s the discount rate, the transaction fee, the statement fee, and more. Even worse, some of the fee names are the opposite of what they sound like or are otherwise confusing.

Even with all of these nebulous terms, sufficient searching will eventually lead you to one or more merchant services that are clearly cheaper than the rest. The deal may seem so great that you wonder if there’s a catch! It’s almost impossible to find out just from the advertising, but the answer is “sometimes.”

Be Wary of “Just for You” Offers

When you get the contract to sign up for merchant services, be wary of clauses that indicate a much higher rate than what the salesperson tells you. Also be careful of high fees for canceling your account, adding or removing locations, and other such things. At the time you sign up, you might be told that the fees are waived “for you.” Don’t believe it. When you make a major change, expect the fees to be charged to your bank account – and to have to vehemently argue to get them removed.

Look for High-Quality Providers

Good providers have good reviews, a professional attitude, and a straightforward fee structure. You won’t be given a contract that says one thing and has a “waiver” written in by the salesperson. In short, a high-quality merchant services provider should present itself as one.

Once you find some candidates, then go through their fees and choose the ones with the lowest prices. By putting quality first, you’ll avoid bad companies and still save money on your payment processing fees.

For a merchant account that offers you great rates with no tricks, just contact us. We’ll be glad to serve your payment processing needs.

The E-commerce Processing Rush is Far From Over

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When e-commerce processing first came into existence, analysts predicted that it could become a multimillion-dollar industry. Now, it’s clear that what once seemed lofty was actually understated. Billions of dollars change hands online, and the vast majority does so via credit card transactions. This makes e-commerce processing more important than ever.

Is There Still Room to Enter the Online Business World?

With the emergence of giant online retailers, small brick-and-mortar companies may wonder if there is still opportunity online. The answer is definitely yes! Local companies can improve their businesses substantially by offering services like store pickup, pre-orders, online appointment setting, and more. Of course, competing head-to-head with the giants is also a possibility, and for those with a unique enough offering, it may be worthwhile.

What Should You Look For in an E-commerce Payment Processor?

One of the key things to seek is low fees. For obvious reasons, it’s good to keep these and other backend expenses low.

Along these lines, look for one that includes an gateway for free, like BAMS. Some processors charge a substantial amount for this, but not all.

The next thing to look for is a fast settlement of funds. The faster transaction money gets into your bank account, the better. Here at BAMS, we can get the money into your bank account in a day or less.

To get started on expanding into the e-commerce universe, just contact us. We’ll be glad to answer all of your questions and get you set up to accept payments online.

Key Benefits of the OptBlue Program

American Express and other credit card

Allowing customers to pay for a product or service using a credit card is a very important convenience that can directly result in higher sales. While there are clear advantages to allowing a consumer to use credit cards for payment, it can result in some drawbacks including the requirement to pay fees and delays in the receipt of cash. For those businesses that accept American Express, taking advantage of the BAMS OptBlue program would be very beneficial. There are a variety of advantages of the OptBlue program that can make it a great investment for any business.

Quicker Turnaround

One of the biggest problems with accepting American Express is that it can take a long time to receive your funds after a sale. With the traditional American Express plan, it can take three to five business days to receive your funds. This can create a cash flow problem and also require a business to use a line of credit, which can increase the borrowing costs. With the OptBlue program, you can receive your funds in as little as 12 hours.


Another advantage of the BAMS OptBlue program is that it can be a far more affordable option than traditional American Express payment programs. With a traditional American Express program, you will incur transaction fees of $3.50 per transaction and a fee of 3.50% for dollar charged. With BAMS OptBlue, the costs are much lower as the transaction fees are only $0.10 per transaction and the fee is as low as 2.30%. For those businesses that take in a lot of different American Express payments on a monthly basis, this can lead to a significant amount of administrative expense reductions.


If you are interested in the BAMS OptBlue program, contact us to learn more about the program benefits and how it can help your company.

Why New Yorkers Should Use a Payment Processor Based in NYC

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Big cities each have their own unique traits, and in one as large as NYC, there are enough of them that they make significant impacts on how business is done. There are local regulations, business expectations, and demands that may not exist halfway across the country. For this reason, it’s a good idea to deal with local B2B providers whenever possible.

A Local Processor Knows You Need Your Money Fast

Hardly anyone thinks of “fast” as a relative concept – until they run into someone with a different idea of what qualifies for the term! Then, misunderstandings result that leave one party frustrated and the other feeling needlessly rushed. Instead of arguing over the meaning of a “New York minute,” deal with an actual New Yorker. He’ll know exactly what you mean when you say you want your transactions to settle fast. One such processor, BAMS, even puts it in writing: Your transactions will settle the very next day.

Local Businesspeople Interact in Familiar Ways

This is something that might not cross someone’s mind unless they’ve had to try to get a point across to someone who grew up in California, Texas, or some other state with a culture that’s vastly different from that of NYC. If you deal with a local provider, you won’t have to worry about this aspect. You can just pick up the phone and start conducting business without any unnecessary friction.

To learn about why you should choose BAMS in particular for your NYC payment processor, just contact us. We’ll be glad to talk.